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Answers to Common Questions

  • Each box contains 30 TankH2O bottles
  • To order more than 4 boxes, send us an email at or give us a call at +1 (650) 209-0178, or use the contact form below.

TankH2Os are Perfect for...

Dive Masters & Shops

TankH2Os make great give-aways after a dive trip and unique, profitable items for your store shelves. You don't have to worry about size and fit, TankH2Os are one-size-fits-all.

Resorts & Live-Aboards

Your customers come from around the world for unique experiences & lasting memories. Give them a reminder of their trip they can take everywhere and promote your business.

Clubs & Organizations

Divers love their sport and love meeting other divers. TankH2Os bottles are a symbol of the sport and the lifestyle that your members can take anywhere.

Wholesale Product Options

Standard Bottlewithout customization

Minimum Order
30 bottles

We encourage you to add your own stickers. Download our sticker guide (PDF) for tips.

Custom Logoon standard bottle

Minimum Order
500 bottles

Max logo dimensions: 64mm x 64mm (2.5"W x 2.5"T) or 89mm x 51mm (3.5”W x 2”T)

Custom Artworkon yellow bottle

Minimum Order
Contact Us

Artwork dimensions: 227mm x 145mm (8.9"W x 5.7"T)

Your Color & Artcomplete customization

Minimum Order
Contact Us

Artwork dimensions: 227mm x 145mm (8.9"W x 5.7"T)

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